Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Quartz Worktops

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Quartz Worktops

Stone or ceramic, natural or laminate, modern or traditional, contrast or neutral, light or dark – all of these are decisions that you have to take while designing a kitchen. The choice varies from kitchen to kitchen. What works best in one space may prove to be disastrous in another. Of all the counter top materials, quartz has achieved cult status. Despite its cost, more and more homeowners are using quartz for their kitchen worktops.

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Quartz is a durable, heat-resistant, non-porous, and non-absorbent material that is available in a wide variety of colors. While white or light colors were the traditional choice, there has been a shift towards opting for black quartz worktops. As with anything else, there are pros and cons for black quartz counter tops. To make the right decision, you need to be aware of both.

Pros of Black Quartz Worktop

The obvious benefits of installing black worktops are as follows.

Statement Pieces

The black counter top is a statement piece. Want that one thing that draws your attention as you enter the kitchen? Choose a black counter top. It is a bold choice for the kitchen. Black is a recent trend and was not used much in the past. Most homeowners preferred white of neutral colors. Black counter tops make your kitchen unique.

Modern Aesthetic

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Want to design a sleek and modern kitchen? Try the classic black and white look. You can use black quartz worktop and pair it with white cabinets. The flooring can be either black or white. Black and white kitchens are all the rage right now, and it is obvious why. Nothing else can beat the modern aesthetics of a black and white kitchen.

Hides Stains

One of the biggest pros of a black quartz worktop is its ability to hide stains and spills. You cannot avoid spills on a kitchen countertop. However, it is impractical to clean every spill as and when they occur. Since quartz is a  non-absorbent material, you can leave the spill alone and clean it at the end of the day or when you have finished cooking. The material will not stain. Moreover, the black colour won’t make the spills apparent. So you will not have an unseemly stain on your countertop while you go about doing other jobs around the kitchen.

Hides Scratches

Quartz is a hard material, and the chances of scratches or chips are extremely low. But things can become unpredictable in the kitchen. Even if you end up dropping something heavy on the countertop that leaves a scratch behind, it will not ruin the look of your black quartz countertop.

Make the Cabinets Stand Out

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Even though black worktop is a statement piece, it can be used to pull focus to the cabinets and bring out the subtleties in the cabinet design. White or light colors can dampen the surroundings, whereas black can make them shine. You can add a smoky mirrored backsplash to enhance the look and open up the space.

Cons of Black Quartz Worktop

Nothing is perfect. Even the black quartz worktops may not be the best choice in some cases.

Small  Kitchens

Small kitchens mean that you would want to do everything to make the space look bigger. Black worktops may have the opposite effect. It absorbs the light. When the kitchen is big, this may not be noticeable, however, as the kitchen becomes smaller, black counter tops make it seem more cramped than it really is. There are ways to counter this. You can use software shade of black or opt for mirrored backsplash.

Not for Traditional Decor

Black is a modern-day colour. Traditional kitchens work better with light colored counter tops. Black worktops may not really gel well with traditional decor.

High Cost

Black quartz worktops give the kitchen a luxurious appeal. On the downside, this also makes them more expensive. You can negotiate the price with the seller. However, it may still be costlier than a white or neutral worktop.

The Verdict

Quartz is an excellent counter top material, and its benefits are unmatched by anything else. If your kitchen is spacious and you are going for a contemporary and modern look, then black quartz worktops are the best choice. While getting your black counter tops, you should be careful that you only purchase from a reputed seller who is known for delivering high-quality materials.

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