6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Regular Boiler Servicing Religiously

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Regular Boiler Servicing Religiously

When the time approaches to service the boiler, most of us try to play smart and think the other way. If the boiler is working fine and smooth, why should I pay someone to tell me the boiler is in great shape? This is where people make the mistake, points out a qualified plumber in London.

Apparently when a boiler works smoothly, it does not mean the gadget is in perfect working condition. Chances are there that an issue is gradually cropping up somewhere inside its mechanism even though it seems to work perfectly from outside. If the growing problem is detect early, it saves you much hassle and money in course of future.

Well-trained and qualified mechanics at a reliable boiler repairing services in London highlight some reasons why it is important to get your boiler serviced one in a year – even though it seems to be working fine.

Routine and regular service minimises chances of breakdown

Old boilers are prone to breakdown any moment. When this misery occurs during the chilly winter months, you are push to even more inconvenience. On the other hand, most of boiler breakdown cases are preventable, provided routine servicing is done to the gadgets. In majority of cases it happen this way, a minor issue snowballs into a major one over time to land you in a soup. If the problem was detecte in time, it could have easily resolve.

Boiler servicing is more pocket-friendly than boiler replacement

There is a severe misconception that boiler servicing is very expensive. This is not true. Reliable plumbing companies in London like 4D Heating And Plumbing offer reasonable price for servicing boilers. Moreover, these agencies are also reputed for their extensive and wholehearted effort while servicing your boiler.

Regular servicing improves a boiler’s efficiency and extends its life

When your boiler goes for servicing, a Gas Safe register plumber works on it to ensure it is working with its optimum efficiency. If the gadget is not running efficiently, then it is likely the machine consumes more power and costs you more money. But the effort of the qualified plumbing mechanic ensures the machine consumes lower power to keep your utility bills reasonable. In short, getting your boiler service at regular intervals eventually saves you money. Moreover, it makes your home safe and ensures your peace of mind.

If you are a landlord, you’re legally bind

As per legal provision, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer checks flues and gas appliances annually. This is done to make sure the property is safe from electrical hazards. This inspection covers gas appliances like stoves, fireplaces and boilers. Tenants should also note in the same context that they are also require to safety check the gas appliances they own. This also includes flues that connect to their own gas appliances.

Keep your home and family safe

Regular servicing of the boiler not only improves the machine’s efficiency but also contributes handsomely to keep your home safe from the hazards of electricity. According to a statistics estimate by the UK Department of Health, nearly 250 hospitalisation cases are register every year resulting from defective boiler. A significant fraction of these cases also include non-fire-related poisoning by carbon monoxide.

Boiler servicing is hardly a 20-minute affair

How boiler servicing is done? One of the best London emergency plumbers explains the procedure in the following lines. The engineer inspects the boiler and the controls to make sure they are smoothly working. In the next step, he will check for corrosion and leaks. It is also his responsibility to check the gas pressure is correct. At the next stage the flu will be tested to detect whether it is emitting any unsafe fume. The overall procedure lasts about 20 minutes. At the end the engineer will hand you over the boiler checklist information. You should keep this checklist safely for future references.

Considering all these facts and factors, you must have realized regular boiler servicing may apparently cost money but in the end caters to a number of advantages in your favour.

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