How to Sell Your House Faster… as in Today?

How to Sell Your House Faster… as in Today?

When it comes to selling a house one has to deal with a tonne of documentation, renovation and promotion. And because it is impossible to do all that work on their own, people often turn to real estate agencies or realtors working on their own to help them, sell their house faster. The problem is regardless of how much you are paying the realtors, they won’t be as motivated to sell the house as you are. That is why more and more people put an advert of the house themselves and try to do at least half the work the realtors do for thousands of dollars.

However, you can’t do much on your own, can you? So, how would you succeed in selling the house alone in the fastest way possible? There is an answer to the question and it has proven to be really working. It is called real estate virtual staging.

What Is Real Estate Virtual Staging?

It is a technique done by the virtual staging designer where an HD photo from the empty space of the rooms you are trying to sell is digitally filled with furniture according to the seller’s wishes for design. The seller needs to send the designer such a photo and tell them what kind of a design they want to see the room in or, better yet, they can choose what kind of furniture to be put digitally in the picture of the room by choosing the furniture designs from a digital library on their own.

Why Is Real Estate Staging Popular?

The answer is simple: because it offers a chance to the potential buyer to see the room in all of its glory and all the potential it has. It basically helps the buyer to imagine their future life there. It should be noted, though, that this is in no way tricking the potential buyers into believing that is what they are buying, instead, it is clearly stated that the photos are digitally enhanced and the rooms are in reality empty.

Is Real Estate Staging Expensive?

No, it isn’t. You can find designers who will virtually stage your rooms for as low as $30 per photo. Making a comparison of this technique with the traditional way of staging a room – where actual furniture must be rented and placed in the rooms for viewing – it is safe to say that virtual staging is much more cost-efficient and at the same time much more giving to the potential buyers.

What Does Statistics Say about Using Virtual Staging?

The numbers are looking great. It is stated that over 92% of potential buyers are starting their search for a new home online. From that percentage, more than half say that they are much more impressed and attracted to a listing that shows the future potential of the house. Plus, realtors say that houses that were advertised as virtually staged attracted much more interest and sold a lot faster than the other that weren’t.

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