10 Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You About Your Wedding

10 Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You About Your Wedding

1. It’s in an awkward location
How many couples these days expect guests to travel for hours or even days to attend their
ceremony? While destination weddings can be a magical experience for everyone, some guests may
struggle to take time off work, arrange childcare, or afford the cost of travel and hotels. If you’re
getting married in your own country, how many of your guests will need to stay in a hotel to attend?
If you’re unable to help foot the bill, then be prepared for a few negative responses from following
your invitation. Remember that an invitation to a wedding is an invitation, not a summons. If your
chosen venue doesn’t have the correct style or quantity of furniture, hire event furniture from a
local supplier. Better to have a venue in a location your guests can get to, than the perfect venue too
far away.

2. A quirky dress code isn’t fun for everyone
You might want everyone to wear a kilt, or 1940s vintage, but do they share your enthusiasm?
Consider saving the fancy dress rule for your first anniversary party. At least that way, you’ll have
everyone who matters show up at the wedding.

3. Your ‘save the date’ card doesn’t mean they will be available
Yes, your best friend might be pushing out a baby that week. Your uncle may have an important
hospital appointment scheduled. Your niece could be on a school skiing trip. See number 1. It’s an
invitation, not a summons.

4. Giving money as a gift should be voluntary
No amount of cute poetry overcomes the disappointment for some when a couple ask for cash. Now
their gift feels very exposed. Are they giving enough or too little? It suddenly become stressful.
You’ve removed the safety-net of someone with less disposable cash to buy you sheets. You’ve
removed the chance for a sentimental guest to gift you something personal. Make cash and funding
your honeymoon an option.

5. They are starving hungry!
You are taking formal photos and it’s 3pm. They haven’t eaten since breakfast and they are

6. The bar is expensive
They are grateful for the wine at dinner and the glass of champagne on arrival. But the bar is
charging three times the normal cost of a drink outside.

7. Nobody remembers favours the next day
Some brides put so much thought into favours for the table, but guests have no intention of bringing
small pieces of clutter home. A bag of sweets, personalised cookie, jar of jam, postcard or heartshaped chocolate. Some will eat them, some will take them, some won’t. Don’t sweat the small stuff
and spend your budget and energy elsewhere.

8. If they’re drinking alcohol they need a way to get home
Transport to the nearest train station or hotel is appreciated. A mini-bus doing shuttles, or taxis on
call will help everyone get home smoothly and safely.

9. The dancefloor is too bright
Young children will dance on a bright dance floor. A few eccentric guests will throw some shapes. For
everybody else, penetrate those inhibitions with appropriate low-level lighting. Coloured uplighters
at the base of venue walls plus moving laser lights, or even a disco ball over the dancefloor and
you’re set!

10. They came because they love you
Just that. If napkins run out or the cake icing is slightly the wrong shade of coral, they won’t notice or
care. They are celebrating with you. Relax and breathe!

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