3 rules to know when choosing furniture for a new home


3 rules to know when choosing furniture for a new home

With the current real estate market, buying a new home for the family is a huge effort in life. Especially for young families. The eagerness to buy a new house furniture and start a new life makes the owner always want the house to become modern and beautiful as a dream.

However, when buying a house, the value is often quite expensive compared to the current average income. So most homeowners have put all their savings to buy a house. Therefore, buying beautiful, cheap furniture to fill the house is the choice of many homeowners to fully and quickly use all the functions of a dream house. The abundance of cheap furniture market with industrial wood and plastic materials with beautiful. Modern designs and reasonable prices has helped homeowners have many convenient options. However, cheap furniture will only be a suitable option for families who determine to use it temporarily and plan to accumulate budget to purchase replacements in the future.

In fact, planning to buy new furniture right before buying a home will save homeowners a lot of time and money. Keep in mind the following 3 important principles before embarking on furniture selection.

1. Principles of interior design priority

For modern houses, especially apartments, interior design is an extremely necessary thing. Usually furniture companies will free the design if you hire them to build the furniture. However, if you do not have enough budget to buy a package at once. Do not regret a part of the cost to hire a synchronous interior design architect. The interior design part usually costs from 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND/m2 of floor. You can discuss ideas with the architect about the design plan. According to the current trend, you should choose neutral monochrome colors with a little accent. Simple furniture, avoid sophisticated designs, and colorful colors that are easy to go out of fashion.

This cost is not small, but it helps you to have an overall view of a beautiful architectural space. With appropriate functions due to the professional advice of the architect. And at the same time predicting the total necessary cost estimate. Besides, you will certainly save a lot of time thinking about shopping ideas, choosing furniture that sometimes wastes unsatisfactory. After you have an overall design, you can choose to pack items according to your existing budget or buy separate items that match the design.

And really, if you can’t afford the design costs, take the time to research apartments and houses with similar premises to find the overall interior design plan before planning to buy. shop.

2. The principle of long-term antagonism is full of nests

Very few homeowners have enough money to buy all the furniture at once. And you should not try to borrow with the mentality of making the interior beautiful once and for all. Because of the fact that in the process of using it, you will discover many shortcomings that need to be added or unnecessary waste. There should be a plan to classify furniture according to the selected overall design: The type of furniture that is needed immediately and the type of furniture that can be purchased later; types of items for long-term use and items for short-term use, items that need to be constructed related to the structure and ready-made loose items…

Specifically, the necessary appliances that need to be used immediately or need to be related to the construction of plastering. And cutting such as kitchen sets, wardrobes, wall-mounted wooden walls, etc. Other loose furniture such as beds, tables and chairs, decorative shelves, bookshelves… can be planned to buy gradually according to the design during use. Over time, you will know what items are really necessary to invest in shopping, avoiding wasting budget.

Sometimes you may find a thick mattress can used as a bed replacement for a long time; a simple Japanese table and seating cushions can be a very useful temporary replacement for a dining table set and even a living room sofa set; Not buying enough shelves helps you get rid of a lot of useless old things that have been accumulate for many years but don’t want to give up … During that time, you can reduce financial pressure, have shopping goals to practice. Save money and have fun by regularly shopping for the right items.

3. The principle that quality is better than quantity

If you think that buying cheap furniture will save you money, you are mistake. Cheap furniture with rich, modern designs easily makes you feel satisfied with the criteria of cheap – beautiful – complete. However, cheap goods are often difficult to stabilize quality. You may have to replace or repair in a short time, costing money and time. In addition, poor quality utensils easily cause unpleasant inconveniences right in the process of use. Besides, cheap chemical additives in cheap interior materials in a small space like an apartment can also affect the human body.

Planning your purchases and choosing good quality furniture is really a worthwhile savings. If you do not qualify, you do not need to buy furniture from big brands. But it is necessary to find mid-range items of good quality. Prioritize furniture made from natural materials. Simple designs, elegant neutral colors, you will use it for a long time and still ensure sustainable fashion.

Building a Gateway thao dien for rent is a big deal, but buying furniture for the house is also a job that directly affects your quality of life in the long run. The above basic principles will help you easily buy furniture for your home that is economical, quality, aesthetic and useful. Of course, in case you can afford to shop fully or easily change according to your preferences. You don’t need the above principles, just ensuring a beautiful and impressive interior space is enough.

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