How to retouch and edit jewelry photos in photoshop?

How to retouch and edit jewelry photos in photoshop?

The jewelry business is a very competitive industry, and the need for high-quality images edit jewelry photos in photoshop of products has never been more important. However, professional photography can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses that are just starting.

That’s why edit jewelry photos in photoshop method may be your best choice. In this article, you will find different ways to edit photos of your jewelry, so they show up the way you want them to without having to break the bank on professional photographers or retouchers.

1) Ditch the stock images.

Most people edit jewelry photos in photoshop by finding a stock image that fits their jewelry, slapping it into Photoshop, and calling it a day. The problem with this is that millions of potential customers out there are looking for attractive designs to buy. 

Still, if they see your photo editing, they’ll assume you’re too lazy or cheap to hire an expensive photographer. It’s better to edit jewelry photos in photoshop using simple techniques like shadows. Highlights, and color replacement rather than resorting to paying less for sub-par imagery.

2) Make sure the background looks accurate.

Retouch your edit jewelry photos so that even if your product isn’t perfect. The background looks good enough to fool potential customers. Use Photoshop tools like the clone stamp tool to remove every background trace. So that you edit jewelry photos in photoshop to create your perfect backdrop.

3) Take enough pictures to choose from later.

Suppose you edit jewelry photos using a tripod and a remote shutter release, or even just by using your camera’s timer function. You can edit jewelry photos in photoshop until they’re perfect and then use different edited jewelry photos on each social media platform. Some people prefer one picture over another. Because it’s more aesthetically appealing or a message they want to convey to their audience. In that case, you will have many edit jewelry photo options when it comes time to pick one for your website or blog.

4) Edit jewelry photos with a retouching action.

You can edit jewelry photos using Photoshop actions that will edit the photo for you automatically. For example, suppose you edit jewelry photos in photoshop using an action that automatically sharpens your edited jewelry photos. In that case, it will look like all of the details popping off of the screen, creating an aesthetically pleasing edit.

5) Get rid of blemishes on fingers or necks.

Many people become self-conscious when they edit jewelry photos because they want their products to look perfect. Still, part of editing is picking the right angle, so your edited jewelry photo looks more flattering than real life. 

If there’s a mark on someone’s neck or hands, edit jewelry photos, so you edit photos in photoshop to remove background. This will help your edit jewelry photos appear more attractive than editing jewelry photos without removing blemishes.

6) Warm up the edit jewelry photo.

If you’re editing edit jewelry photos that are mostly white. They can appear unappealing to customers looking for something cute and colorful. When you edit photos in Photoshop, warm them up by putting a little color back into your edit. Pick colors from your favorite part of the design, and make sure to edit jewelry photos in Photoshop to look balanced throughout the picture.

7) Edit skin tones to give it a healthy glow.

If you edit jewelry photos using Photoshop, you can edit skin tones to look better than the model’s skin in real life. This will help your edit jewelry photo to convey a more positive message about your product.

8) Use edit jewelry photos tools like “sharpen” and “blur” sparingly

You can edit jewelry photos by sharpening them or making them blurry as long as it helps create a certain mood or feel for your edit. However, if you edit jewelry photos too much with tools like this one. It may appear as though the picture is edited rather than a photo of someone wearing your item.

9) Edit your shine with “contrast” and opacity settings.

When you edit jewelry photos in Photoshop, edit jewelry photo settings like “variations”. And “hue/saturation” will allow you to adjust the shine on your edited jewelry photo. If there’s too much shine, edit this part of your edit so it looks subtle.

10) Edit jewelry photo dimensions and size to fit social media platforms.

It doesn’t matter if you edit jewelry photos in photoshop or not – you have to make sure they are sized properly for each platform, or else they won’t look right. For example, Instagram is meant for square pictures while Facebook is better suited for horizontal ones, but Pinterest is best used with vertical images.

11) Make edit jewelry photos black and white to give them vintage vibes.

If you edit jewelry photos in Photoshop, edit their settings, so they are black and white. This will make it easier for people to see the details of your product.

12) Use edit jewelry photo layers to edit difficult backgrounds.

When you edit jewelry photos, it is very useful if you use edit jewelry photo layers. For example, if there’s a chain on your piece that wraps around someone’s finger. Use an edit jewelry photo layer so you can manipulate where the chain is located without editing edit jewelry photo settings.

13 Fix reflection issues with “blur.”

If the edited jewelry photo is weirdly reflecting light or causing edit jewelry photos to appear blurry, edit jewelry photo settings so you can edit jewelry image settings. This will also help your edited jewelry photo convey a more positive message about your product.

14) Avoid editing edit jewelry photos in Photoshop on mobile devices.

Although it may be tempting to edit jewelry photos using your phone while you’re waiting for the bus. This isn’t something you should do unless you know what you are doing. Editing edit hardware information on mobile devices running iOS can cause some serious damage to your device. Even though it’s not easy, try to avoid editing edit jewelry photos on mobile devices unless you edit jewelry photo settings using a computer.


When you edit jewelry photos in Photoshop. Be sure to edit jewelry photo settings to know how best to use your edits. When editing edit hardware specifications online. It’s always good to have a computer nearby and some basic knowledge of edit jewelers which tools do what. If possible, avoid using cell phones and try out different edit color settings on each platform.

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