The Different Types of Measuring Tape You Should Know

The Different Types of Measuring Tape You Should Know

Measuring tape is an important component of any toolbox, whether you’re a construction professional or a DIY-er.

There are several different types and styles of measuring tape, with each option offering its own benefits. Knowing which option is right for you can help you achieve the simplest measuring process and the most accurate measuring results.

So what are the different types of measuring tape, and which option should you choose? Here are a few of the most common varieties on the market. 

Pocket tape measures

A pocket tape measure, also known as a spring return tape measure, is one of the most popular styles. These tape measures are small and compact, designed to fit in your pocket. With an extendable measuring tape that returns automatically to the holder when let go, these are a convenient option, providing accurate results with ease.

Surveyor tape measures

Surveyor tape measures are designed for long-distance measurements and have even been used for map measuring applications. These tap measures must be wound up with a hand crank, which can make them more difficult to use, but they are a great, accurate choice in many professional environments.

Double-hook tape measures

Double-hook tape measures allow for easy multitasking. These tape measures feature a hook that attached from both the top and the bottom. This makes these tape measures an easy-to-use choice when you need to measure from a variety of angles or directions simultaneously.

Digital tape measures

Digital tape measures are a quickly evolving options. Using digital technology to simplify the measurement process, these tap measures feature a digital display so that you don’t have to read or interpret measurements the old-fashioned way.

Magnetic tape measures

Magnetic tape measures are designed for easy storage! Featuring a magnetic back, these tape measures can stick to the outside of a magnetic toolbox, helping to save space when you work on the go. These tape measures are a popular choice among mechanics.

Keychain tape measures

A keychain tape measure is a miniature tape measure attached to a keychain! While not usually favoured for professional use, these tape measures are highly convenient, and their compact size means that they can be carried anywhere. They’re a great option for basic measurements, like determining furniture dimensions.

Rust-resistant tape measures

Rust-resistant tape measures are a great choice if you spend a lot of time working outdoors. Designed to withstand rain and snow without rusting, these tape measures are sturdy and durable, built to withstand the elements and the test of time. This is perfect if you want to avoid replacing your tape measure too soon!

Other tape measures

There are also other tape measure options. Customised tape measurements can be customised with your own branding, such as a business logo. Novelty tape measures may feature a fun or quirky design, adding a little more fun to measuring tasks. Some suppliers even offer child-friendly tape measures with bright, fun designs!

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