The Physics of A Course In Miracles

The Physics of A Course In Miracles

When I saw the title of this book, “The Physics of A Course In Miracles: Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential”, I was intrigued. When I read it I was quite surprised at what it was actually about. It’s about miracles and the scientific basis for them. The author Richard Bartlett, DC, ND has chiropratic and naturopathy degrees from Bastyr University. As a chiropractor, he discovered that he had the power to heal and that he could do it with just a light touch.

He came to believe that this power doesn’t come from him but from being able to work with that which creates all of reality. He believes that everyone has the potential to do this. It requires a transformation of the individual. He teaches it in his books and seminars. He calls it the Matrix. He is the author of two other books on this subject, “Matrix Energetics” and “The Matrix Energetics Experience”. He documents many examples of healing and other types of miracles. In this book he tries to get us to understand the scientific basis for Matrix Energetics, how it works and how we might learn to use it.

I have had some experience with natural healers but this is the first time I’ve seen it so strongly related to science. As we progress in modern science things become stranger and stranger. The physics of Newton which still works for us in the normal world is replaced by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Now we find that the ordinary matter and energy make up only a small part of the universe. Most of it is dark matter and dark energy that Einstein never even imagined. Even the scientist of today don’t understand it. Einstein disliked quantum theory with it’s uncertainty principle. “God does not play dice” he said. Today our science goes even further.

It is in these areas that Richard Bartlett finds the scientific basis for Matrix Energetics. The individual learns to communicate at the quantum level with the energy that gives rise to reality and can transform that to change the reality of what is manifest in our everyday world. Miraculous healing take place in an instant. Most of the book deals with healing but there is some documentation and discussion of other types of miracles.

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