Whispers of the New Christian Mysticism

Whispers of the New Christian Mysticism

The new Christian Mysticism will include unselfish prayer, followed by not worrying whether or not the prayers will be answered. And God will be described as providing our building blocks, but it is up to us after that. And Christians will begin facing and accepting their destiny, and then taking charge of their destiny to improve it. These and other new principles will gradually influence the present ones of selfish prayer, that God is our caretaker and we are helpless without Him, and that God has an unalterable plan for us that we cannot change. Christians are going to become very proactive, and the sheep of yesterday who followed blindly will turn into perceptive and intelligent lions.

These lions will be different however. Instead of attacking non-Christians by trying to convert them, which can be a denial of the immense amount of work each Christian has to do on him or herself, and a diversion from the heavy lifting of making a fundamental change within themselves, the New Christian will take responsibility of becoming a true “work completed” instead of a perpetual “work in progress.” No longer will they hide behind the perception of the weakness of men and women as an excuse not to perfect themselves. No longer will Christians be disliked, or even hated by other religions; Christians will be seen as the peacemakers, just like their founder, instead of feared crusaders.

The New Christianity will be a more mature representation of what I believe Christ was trying to teach – that we are responsible for our own destiny, and that we can alter that destiny by going within. Christ was way ahead of the Old Testament, He was a break from the Old Testament, but only recently are Christians beginning to catch up to what He was really saying. The new Christianity will be more in line with Christ.

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