How the Higher Mind Can Create Healing UCDM

How the Higher Mind Can Create Healing UCDM

Years later, I found a book called The UCDM of Metaphysical Healing. Now out of print, the book was about a woman named Evelyn Monahan who healed herself of blindness and a paralyzed right arm. She developed a technique called “The Metaphysical Healing Technique” that has stayed with me for many years, and I’ll tell you more about it as you read on.

When you reach your higher mind or assist others to reach theirs, possibilities open beyond anything you’ve ever been able to accomplish before. This higher mind is infinite and contains no limits. You can reach it through awareness or prayer or sheer intention. You make a profound healing connection, and you open to the healing power.

Over the years, I’ve adapted Evelyn Monahan’s healing technique, and here’s what my current version looks like:

* Find a quiet place to be, and close your eyes. Take in three deep breaths and be aware that you’re breathing in great energy.

* Say to yourself:

“With the wisdom of my higher self and the power of my healing mind, I am healing myself now. All the cells of my body and all the powers of my mind are healing me now.”

* Then you state what you’re healing, staying as positive in your language as possible.

* Next you imagine in as much detail as possible the healed state of whatever you’d like to heal.

* You may want to imagine healing light beaming on you and streaming from you.

* Then you imagine yourself visiting a healing practitioner or a doctor who says to you:

“I don’t know what you’ve been doing. It must be some kind of miracle. You’re completely healed!” * After this, you may want to give thanks in advance for the wondrous healing you’ve experienced.

Everything is possible, and you can remain in a consciousness of healing. Do this two or three times a day. Five minutes each time may be all you need.

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