The Most Popular Camo Thong Bathing Suit This Summer

The Most Popular Camo Thong Bathing Suit This Summer

If you are in the US or Canada, the most popular Camo Thong Bathing Suit this summer the string bikini, full figure bikini and the shaping bikinis are in style, the thong and g string has definitely picked up in popularity and is readily accepted except on traditionally family oriented beaches and even there, they are pretty much accepted unless posted. The underwire support tops, the push up tops and the sheer string tops are all showing to be very popular.

The one piece swimsuit is all about high cut thighs, full support and underwire bust lines in bright colors. With the latest patterns available you can’t go wrong; the colors are vibrant and full of life. Low cut fronts with sheer fabric are very popular as are the cut outs and pretzel type one piece swimsuits.

As of late the American flag or stars stripes and banner style bikinis and one piece swimsuits have seen a huge following and as usually the case, the patriotism is strong in the US and people love to show off their true colors so to speak.

So locally to summarize, the most popular swimwear this summer is the string bikini, the g string and thong bikini, the one piece is showing a great deal of strength. When it comes to patterns, the animal prints, red white and blue flag prints and the camo prints are still in the lead but in bright vibrant hues.

In the Caribbean the most popular swimwear this summerstring are bikinis of all types as are thongs and g strings. Bright colors, animal prints and floral patterns. In all three cases the average age group that is sporting a sting. Thong or g string bikini has increased drastically over the last 4 to 5 years. Now that thong and g string bikinis are readily accept on any Caribbean beach the average age group that was once 18 to 24 has now changed to 25 to 35 and in many cases up into the mid 40’s. Mainly driven by the fact that man women are hitting the gym on a regular basis. And the Hollywood celebrities are regularly see in string bikinis, thongs, g strings and tongas.

Mentioning tongas, the one piece tonga has seen the most growth in popularity of any swimsuit design. Mainly because it gives full body coverage yet leaves your best assets so to speak in view. The one piece tonga is an exceptionally sexy swimsuit. This stunning suit typically is a body hugging suit made of smooth sheer fabric. It generally has a scoop front and a full tonga or thong style back. Not only is it regularly see on beaches. It is a great suit for a quiet romantic night in the hot tub with a loved one.

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