Try our best litter box for odor control for your control

Try our best litter box for odor control for your control

Get best litter box for odor control to use it on your cat. Let’s face it: cleaning out cat litter boxes isn’t much fun. Almost equally dreaded is dealing with the pungent smells of a cat litter box that has run its course. We feel that these are the two most important criteria that most people look for when shopping for a cat litter: how long the litter will keep cat waste smells in check. In fact, we receive more questions about these attributes than any other.

People want to know the simple answer: What are the longest lasting cat litters? Before we get into our choices, let’s break down what make a cat litter long lasting. There can be great variation in litters, from the materials used to the clumping ability to the intended purpose. You can choose our odor and get best results. You need fresh litter for your cats.

Ability to hold moisture:

Moisture is litter’s worst enemy. Once the granules are fully saturated that is when they begin to break down, releasing all odors that they have stored and making for a huge mess during cleanup. This is why litter manufacturers do extensive research to find materials that can hold in a lot of moisture. Some of the best moisture retention materials are clay, wood pellets, and some crystals. Many of the natural offerings can struggle with absorption, and are rather intended to simply remove the sections that your cat uses as needed. Obviously, the more cats using a given litter box the shorter period of time it will be sustainable. More cats mean more waste, more tracking, and less time in between uses to let clumps properly harden. In addition, some litters are optimized for multi-cat households and will see an added boost in these environments.

Clumping ability:

Clumps are basically prisons for odor. A proper clump will form a physical seal around cat waste, holding in both the moisture and ultimately the smell. While this is somewhat related to moisture absorption, there is a great variance in the clumping ability from one product to another. Some products might retain a lot of moisture, but have very soft clumps that easily break apart while other examples might struggle with maximizing fluid retention but form super hard clumps. A good alert that it is time to replace the litter box is obviously when the smells start to creep out. Because what good does great clumping litter do if the litter box smells awful? Like the other parameters, there can be a huge fluctuation in how well a particular litter performs in the odor department. However, there tend to be some common trends on materials.

Crystals, for instance, are oftentimes leading the pack in their ability to hold in smells. This is follow by crystal/clay hybrids, clay, and finally the all-natural usually come in at the bottom of the list. You have to check everything while getting any product. You can visit our website for more details and information:

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