3 Myths about Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses You must have been Believing

3 Myths about Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses You must have been Believing

Summary: Burgundy dresses for bridesmaids are back in business due to immense popularity. But you are unable to commit because of the myths. Here a few common myths debunked.

Can I wear it again? What’s the point, it’s going to be ugly! I should just pick anything that pops on the screen, right?

If these are the things that have been keeping a bridesmaid wide awake at night, they should seek the truth. It sounds interesting, right? Well, bridesmaids often attend their best friends’ and sisters’ weddings while dwelling in a dilemma. From finding what’s trending to picking the dress – everything seems confusing.

And the myths they hear about the trending dresses do not help in any sort of way. So, first things first – Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are trending for the upcoming wedding season, and you should look beyond the misconceptions and myths. Only if you see the truth, you can have a gala time at your BFF’s wedding. So, here are the common myths about the burgundy dresses for bridesmaids debunked.

Myth #1: Nobody is going to notice your dress

Your best friend is getting married, and what is your role there? A guest? No, you are the maid of honor. From walking down to the aisle to leading the event, you are everywhere.

Yes, the bride-to-be remains in the center, and your dress plays a role in making her look more gorgeous. For this reason, burgundy dresses are one-of-a-kind. The rich shade has a royal touch that goes well with the wedding.

Looking oh-so-amazing in the group photos requires effort from the squad, and your dress can do the rest of the talking. A burgundy bridesmaid dress is the ideal mix of charming and sophistication.

Also, don’t forget to alter your needs. Otherwise, people might remember you as someone pulling her burgundy dress every now and then. You want to be remembered for your appearance, but it is definitely not that. Order a customized dress or drop by your seamstress.

Myth #2: You should wear pale pastels

Unless the bride wishes so, there is nothing that can stop you from wearing a burgundy dress. You can go as bold as you like. Of course, a nod from the showstopper eases the process.

Many bridesmaids also think that they must maintain similarity with the bridal gown. However, it is never mandatory. You can take the high road and go for something less traditional. The beauty of the bridesmaid’s dress lies in the eyes of the bride and you.

For something less formal, you can add the oomph factor. A high-slit or backless design takes everyone’s breath away. Imagine yourself putting on a charming yet elegant halter-neck burgundy dress. Oh, do not blame us if you swoon!

The best thing about semi-formal, sexy burgundy dresses is that you can repeat the outfit. Whether it is a cocktail party or gala event, nobody can take their eyes off of you.

Myth #3: Online stores are rip-offs

Bridesmaids often shy away from online shopping because they doubt its authenticity. We understand why you might have your doubts, but online stores focus on high-quality dresses now.

There is no need to go out when the world is grappling with the pandemic. You can stay in, order, and receive your dream dress now. The dodgy online stores do not serve a variety; moreover, they are never up for a custom-made dress.

Only reliable and authentic boutiques have exclusive sewers working for them. You can get great deals because the range for burgundy bridesmaid dresses starts at $119. As the professionals design the dress as per your requirements, it takes 25-30 days to arrive.

When you are unable to find anything for yourself, browse through the new collection of sexy wedding dresses. Instead of paying heed to what they have to say, enjoy your best friend’s wedding to the fullest.

Author bio: Christy Applegate is a fashion blogger, and she has written multiple articles on why she thinks everyone should buy sexy wedding dresses online. Here, she debunks a few myths about burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

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