Plants Considered Lucky – Lucky Plant Inside The Garden

Plants Considered Lucky – Lucky Plant Inside The Garden

In addition to beautifying your location, to immediately curb your yard and enhance your health, do you also know that some flowers are said to bring good Lucky Plant to you? According to gardeners and academics, these lucky flowers have been recorded. for decades.”

And fortunately for you, these auspicious flowers are not hard to find or grow. So, if you want to add a good fortune to your garden – and life – try planting these Feng shui plants in your yard.

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Often associated with Mother Mary, some religions consider marigolds as protection from evil spirits, says Amy Enfield, instructor and content developer for Scots Miracle-Gro. “And for others, they represent the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and are symbolic for good luck,” she says. Marigolds require full sun, as well as well-drained soil, and they will bloom from spring until the first fall is frosty.

Cecile Brunner climbing rose 

This rose, “is a favorite for pruning, especially for miniature bouquets,” which can lead to the association of a flower to detect a fate in love, says Karam. “Its small, pointed buds are fragrant, light pink, double blooming in large showers,” she explains. As a mountaineer, it is perfect for a garden trellis or arbor and should be planted in full sun and layered with compost. “Water it weekly or in extreme heat,” says Karam.


“In Chinese culture, chrysanthemum is offered to elders as a symbol of longevity and good Lucky Plant,” Enfield explains. Gold chrysanthemum can be particularly fortunate, as they are said to represent wealth and prosperity. For optimum growth, the chrysanthemum plant in well-drained soil, a place that receives full sun. Then, keep the soil moist around the chrysanthemum, “Pour water whenever the top of the soil is an inch dry.”

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These giant blooms “represent love, fertility, luck, and success,” says Karam, who especially loves Itoh Peony for his yellow blooms that are uniquely lavender and pink in color. “In time, the yellow and pink fade to white [leaving] a large dark burgundy flare in the center,” she describes. To grow peons, plant them in slightly acidic, well drained soil, rich with their crowns, just below the soil level. Give them water regularly.

Sunset Pink Azalea 

“Azalea is associated with abundance, especially related to beauty or intelligence,” says Karam. But sunset pink azalea is a particularly hardy variety, she says, making this flowering plant a different kind of lucky for gardeners who may have a thumbs-up. This type of azalea “says Karam,” thrives in rich, acidic, well-drained soil. She says it should “avoid harsh sun exposure in areas with high heat” and water it both deeply and regularly in the first few growing seasons to establish a root system.

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According to Enfield, “The Victorians associated the Emeril’s with strength due to their height and strong stems.” This plant “also stands for success, and is sometimes given as a gift for achievements,” she says . While Emerelis is often seen on Christmas, it is red and sometimes pink or white-blooming, which starts hitting stores as a bulb in mid-fall. To apply the emeralds, fill it with a high-quality mixture in a six-eight-inch container. Then, place the container in a place with bright-but-indirect light, and water it sparingly.

Mystery Gardenia

Like Azaleas, all Gardenias represent good luck, “says Karam,” but you won’t need any Lucky Plant while growing this Gardenia. This superior grafted selection makes others, and its large white flowers and shiny evergreen leaves reflect any landscape or container. “Her best advice?” Apply it near the entry or outdoor seating to enjoy the sweet scent. “(Just make sure it is in rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soil.)


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