Scottish Fold Kittens – Scottish fold cats

Scottish Fold Kittens – Scottish fold cats

Scottish Fold Kittens have different folded ears which bend forward to lie towards the head. Those medium sized, rounded cats have a quick neck, large round eyes, robust legs and a big fluffy tail.


The coat of a scottish fold cat is medium in duration, tender and dense with hair that stands away from the body requiring little or no grooming. Those cats come in maximum colorations and styles.

All scottish fold kittens are born with instantly, unfold ears that do not start to crease until approximately 21 days. Most have simply one crease, but because of selective breeding some cats have a double or even triple crease. That reasons the ear to lie definitely flat in opposition to the pinnacle.

The scottish fold body type is medium sized with the men weighing in at 9-thirteen lbs, and the girls weigh between 6-9 lbs. These cats have spherical contours; their bodies seem spherical and padded with brief muscular legs. Their heads are domed at the top, eyes are very spherical, huge set and big, and their noses are brief and rounded.


Scottish fold cats have a sweet nature and gentle temperament. They are sociable and properly with kids, however additionally quiet and self-contained. Because of their recognition as loving partners. They’re surprisingly favourite as pets and are particularly luxurious compare to other famous cat breeds.

Quick history

The original scottish fold cat became a white, long-haired girl cat observed in a barn on a farm in perthshire, scotland in 1961. She had two kittens born with folded ears, one become adopted by using a neighboring farmer and cat-fancier named william ross. Mr. Ross, working with geneticist pat turner, started the scottish fold breed of cats. In 3 years they produced seventy six kittens, 42 with creased ears and 34 with instantly ears.

It is essential to note that scottish folds can’t bred to different scottish folds because of the risk of an inherited crippling bone hassle. However the gene that reasons creased ears is dominant, so folds can be bred with instantly-eared cats.

Because of the worry of ear issues which include infection, mites and deafness. Scottish folds were now not universal for displaying in exceptional Britain and Europe. Sooner or later this breed turned into exported to America wherein it become set up by cross breeding with British and American shorthairs. And, apart from a problem with wax construct-up in the ear. The preliminary concerns of ear mites and infections have established unfounded.

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