Dog Ramps For Cars Or Boats

Dog Ramps For Cars Or Boats

Why would you need a Dog Ramps?

  • Has your dog just had surgery, making it difficult for him to go faster than a walk?
  • Is your big dog having trouble jumping up into your car, SUV or truck?
  • Do you need a way for your dog to get into your boat from the dock?
  • Are you worn out from lifting your dog in and out of your car or boat?
  • Are you worried you’ll end up injuring yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider buying or building a ramp. Dog ramps for cars or boats offer a simple solution. Eliminate the guilt and anxiety caused by having to leave your dog at home. With the help of a car dog ramp, you can always bring the dog with you if you choose to!

The most lifting you have to do will be the ramp. A dog car ramp or dog boat ramp is designed to weigh as little as possible, usually 30 lbs or less.

Besides the weight of the ramp, there are three other things to be concerned about:

  • Will it create a gentle enough slope for my dog?
  • Will it fit in my car or boat?
  • How can I afford it?

What Length Ramp Should I Get?

Some dog car ramps are make out of one piece of board or metal 4 to 5 feet long. These shorter ramps can used for side entry into a vehicle, where the height from the ground is not that great. This type of ramp may difficult to store in some vehicles and may best suited for short trips where your dog does not get out of the car. You can leave the ramp at home close to your driveway or in your garage.

Many dog ramps for cars or boats are around 70 inches long, or almost 6 feet long, creating a reasonable slope for most dogs to negotiate. If your dog has a lot of difficulty with walking, there are a few extra long ramps that are 7 feet or 84 inches long. These ramps fold up (see below) to make them easy to carry and stow.

Will It Fit In My Vehicle Or Boat?

All the longer ramps are design to fold up or slide inward (telescope) to at least half their length. That means the folded length is between 35 and 42 inches, which allows these types of ramps to fit in most vehicles or boats. They ramps are fully portable, therefore suitable for longer trips where your dog needs to get in and out away from home. There is also one call a tri-fold, that has two folds.

Can I Afford It?

Commercial dog car ramps for bigger dogs tend to cost around USD 100 or more at this time. Whether you buy them in a pet store or online. Shipping costs are usually at least USD 25, so even if the ramp costs USD 70, the total is still at least $95.

There is a more affordable option, if you or someone you know has basic woodworking skills. You can build your own! See below for a link to a set of inexpensive folding dog ramp plans.

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