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Personal Protection Dog Training – Vicious Animal or Family Pet?

I was lately in a social putting wherein i use to asked about my canine, rocco. Rocco is my rottweiler who has undergone extensive Personal Protection Dog Training. We were engrossed in a dialogue about his schooling and talents while we have overheard through every other person. “oh, you shouldn’t train your canine to do […]

Strongest Commercial Grade Heavy Duty 48 Inch Dog Crate Cage for Strong Dogs

I’m addressing real heavy duty 48 inch dog crate cages right here. The heavy obligation dog crate is a larger crate generally for a robust dog. The crate may additionally without a doubt comprise a healthy strong dog or, it is able to use as a tool to manage separation tension or a few other […]

Black Mouth Cur : care, training and hunting skills

The Black Mouth Cur was first bred in the Southern part of the United States. These dogs were intended to be very versatile working dogs. This breed has excellent hunting skills, especially for the hunting of squirrel, raccoon, bear, boar, and mountain lion. The Black Mouth Cur is also used for the herding of cattle, […]

Fiest Dog is best hunting dog and also a great companion

Is this the first time you’ve heard of a Feist Dog? You’re not alone. Many people aren’t familiar with this wonderful breed of dog that has been around for hundreds of years in America. They’re very well-known in the rural South, where they’ve always been prized for their excellent hunting skills. The Feist is known […]