5 Door Hanger Delivery Service Tips

5 Door Hanger Delivery Service Tips

Outside of a hotel, where Door Hanger Delivery Service are used to request or decline maid service, door hangers are often an overlooked form of marketing. However, they can be very effective, since the person must handle the door hanger to remove it from their door. They are also inexpensive, particularly if you have someone that can deliver them for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your door hangers.

The headlines should stand out and be easy to read, as well as convey the main message quickly. Stay away from colors that will blend into the background of the door hanger or any fonts that can be hard to read. Remember, your target audience may only glance at the door hanger before throwing it in the garbage, so you need to make sure that they at least read the headline before they do so.

Use Both Sides
Remember that a door hanger does have two sides, and you should use both of them to help get your message across. The first side should be used to draw attention to the door hanger and capture the customer’s interest, while the second side would give more information and contact details. While this will cost a little bit more in printing costs, it will create a better response to your door hanger and generate more business for you.

Bright Colors
The front of your door hanger should use bright, vivid colors that will attract attention. If your customer doesn’t routinely use their front door. Then you don’t want the door hanger to hang for days or weeks going unnoticed. Come up with a design that will stand out and encourage them to go and remove it. And do not forget to include your company logo on the front in bold colors as well. Branding is an important part of company recognition. And you do not want to miss an opportunity to help establish your brand.

Contact Info
While this seems obvious, you do need to make sure that your contact information is display prominently on the door hanger. Remember, you want to make it easy for the customer to contact you. So make sure your address, website, or phone number is highlight so that they will notice it. Even if they do not contact you right away. You want to make sure that they have the information handy when they do decide to contact you.

Do you want to know how effective your door hangers really are for generating business? Add a coupon to the bottom of it. Not only will this give potential customers an added incentive to give you a call. But you will be able to track the number of redemptions compared to the number of door hangers you distributed. If you are not seeing the redemptions that you would like, then it may be time to change your marketing technique.

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