The movie Masameer Country

The movie Masameer Country


The movie Masameer revolves around a gifted student named Issa, who lives in the city of Misfah. His elder brother Khamis is responsible for caring for his younger siblings, Issa and Maryam. They live with their father, who works in a warehouse. Their mother died when Issa was born. Khamis is a high-achieving student at his college.

Issa’sIssa’s mother, Mrs Barakat Al-Masameer, waits for them at their house and invites them to join her in praying on the occasion of the arrival of Ramadan: she decides to send Issa to a boarding school so that he could secure a better education and career opportunities; his father disagrees with her decision, but Mrs Barakat insists that she makes the final decision about Issas education; Khamis attends special classes to prepare for admission into one of the best colleges in Saudi Arabia King Abdulaziz University so that he can be able to provide take care family financially provide them good standard living future, however, mother convinces him to go back home.

His elder brother Khamis

Khamis, the family’s eldest son, is responsible for taking care of his younger siblings, Issa and Maryam. He was born after his father left Somalia and later returned to work as a teacher in Kenya. As a result, he was sent to live with his uncle in Mogadishu, where he grew up with Issa and Maryam, who was four years old when Khamis came into their lives.

In 1991 when war broke out in Somalia, Khamis fled the country with Issa and Maryam at age 13 to Kenya, where they started a new life under their mother’s care. They lived there until 2006, when conditions improved enough for them to return home safely (Masameer).

Issa’sIssa’s mother, Mrs Barakat Al-Masameer

Mrs Barakat is a good mother and wife. She prepares food for the family and her husband, Mr Barakat. She is also a good cook who can make delicious food like kofta (meatballs) and shawarma (shish taouk).

She invites Issa and his family to join her in praying on the occasion of the arrival of Ramadan. Mrs Barakat does everything to care for her husband and children so they feel safe at home with their parents!

Mrs Barakat is an example for all women because she shows us how important it is to be kind towards other people even if they are not related by blood – just like when she treats Laila like one more member of their own family.

His father disagrees with her decision, but Mrs Barakat insists that she makes the final decision about Issa’sIssa’s education.

The movie begins with Issa’sIssa’s mother, a strong woman who insists that her son goes to school. She argues with her husband about this choice, but he disagrees with her decision. His father is a good man and wants what is best for his family, but he cannot provide for them because of his health issues and lack of employment opportunities.

Issa’sIssa’s mother insists on sending him away because she believes that education can allow him to make something better out of himself than what she and her husband have done so far. She also knows that if Issa stays at home without an education, he will become like his father: unemployed, poor and unhealthy; something they both wish would not happen. Masameer Country is a movie that tells the story of a young Saudi girl who wants to work in the field of animation. The film, directed by Khaled Al-Shamaa and produced by the Saudi Film Commission, is set to be released in 2020.

The movie revolves around the life of Aisha (played by Fatima Al-Qahtani), who dreams of becoming an animator. Despite her passion for animation, she has limited access to technology due to social restrictions on women’s activities and education in her home country. She finds ways around these obstacles so she can follow her dreams of becoming a successful artist.

Release date

The movie is set to be released in February 2020. It will be released in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. The movie is being produced by a Saudi company so that you might see some of your favourite stars from the Middle East!

Movie duration

The movie Masameer Country’s duration is 120 minutes.

The movie is in English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

A cast of the movie

  • Mubarak Al-Rashid

The leading actor in the movie. He plays a role of a young man who works in a security company.

  • Abdulwahab Al-Ajlan

He is one of the film’s supporting actors and has also appeared in many other movies. He plays the role of Abdullah’sAbdullah’s father. The latter is worried about his son’s behaviour after he returns from prison after serving a five-year sentence for committing an act of terrorism.

  • Mohammed Gaber

He is an Egyptian voice actor currently living in Germany. He has voiced several characters in the German dub of The Simpsons, including Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak and Barney Gumble.

Mohammed Gaber is a voice actor who has performed in several animated feature films and video games. He has also voiced multiple characters in this movie.

The movie Masameer Country

The movie Masameer Country is one of my favourite movies. It is about a family’s life, with many funny scenes. The storyline is good, and the movie takes place in Saudi Arabia.

It’sIt’s about a boy who wants to go to college, but his father does not want him to because he thinks college is not good for his sons and daughters. The boy gets mad at his father, so he leaves home with his girlfriend, and they run away together until they find out how much their parents love them, so they go home with no problem.


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