Compact Radiators and Wall Hung Vanity Units

Compact Radiators and Wall Hung Vanity Units

Whenever people want to build a bathroom, they are determined to have a bathing space that will provide them with a nice space to take a shower and relax. A homeowner wants a bathroom with radiators and Wall Hung Vanity units that will reflect contemporary artistic designs and luxury.

Compact radiators and Wall Hung vanity units are available in a wide range of varieties from which customers can choose. These include the following:

• 400mm high Radiators: This is a modern radiator design which will have impact on your central heating system. It has the following features designed to make it one of the best performing vanity:

i) It has a finish coated with finish to make it last long
ii) It comes with a warranty of ten years
iii) It has 354 watts
iv) It has side panels and grills which are factory fitted
v) It has a BTU output of 1208

• Slimline radiator: Vanity unit is designed in the best way to ensure it creates the desired pleasant temperatures in the living space. This new design has the following unique features;

i) 500m high
ii) Has ten years warranty
iii) BTU output of 1510
iv) 500m width
v) coated with durable powder
vi) It also has low content of water to ensure fast temperature response

• Quin Barlo radiator: This vanity unit is design to make the building interiors alive. It comes with side panels and grills fitted from the factory. Its durability is enhance by its finish which is coat with durable powder. It also comes with all the required technical specifications

• Barlo 500x800mm: This bathroom vanity unit gives impressive warmth to your living space. It has a height of 500mm and a width of 800mm.

Their vanities include the following;

• Square wash basin: This design has large storage space and an innovative design style. It has white finish made of gloss to make it long lasting. It is manufacture using MDF which are highly moisture resistant. Its basin is make using vitreous material from china and has a single hole for the tap.

• Hudson reed vanity: this bathroom vanity unit is design with best curves and cuts to enable it keep up with modern designs. It has a stylish white and black finish and one door to beautify your door. Its handy rail for towels makes storage for your towels easy. Its knobs and rail which are chrome polish add glitter to your bathroom.

• HIB Casino Bathroom vanity unit: This bathroom vanity provides luxury to your home in a special way. It captures the attention of every one providing satisfaction no matter where it is installed. It looks beautiful when you install a shelf that match with it.

• Bauhaus design: This contemporary vanity combines beautifully with decor of majority contemporary bathing spaces. It has one door and internal shelves which can adjusted giving extra internal space to keep all daily necessities. It is manufacture with a white finish of gloss which makes it last longer.

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