Achieve Natural Beauty With Organic Haircare

Achieve Natural Beauty With Organic Haircare

Organic Haircare: The general rule of natural beauty products is that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth, and John Masters Organics cosmetics certainly sound and smell edible. A quick check of the ingredients confirms that this company is committed to using organic, natural ingredients wherever possible.

John Masters is a New York hair stylist who became one of the stylists of choice for celebrities in the 1980s. John has always had a personal interest in organic ingredients after realising the potential harmful effects of the harsh products that were commonly in use in hair salons at the time.

The first John Masters Organics product was produced in 1991 – a de-frizzer spray for dry hair in poor condition. Since then, the range has expanded into a luxury haircare line using high quality ingredients including essential oils, natural ingredients and plant extracts.

Cosmetics and a skin care range were added to the company’s organics line in 2001. These products include a selection of facial and body creams, oils and cleansers without harmful parabens and other potentially nasty ingredients. The business’ skin care range was awarded the Soil Association award for Best Organic Product in Europe in 2004.

The philosophy of the John Masters Organics brand is that caring for yourself and caring for the earth should go hand in hand. The company partners with local farmers using traditional organic and sustainable farming techniques and every ingredient must meet strict guidelines. The products are also cruelty-free and endorsed by PETA. All packaging is biodegradable, unbleached and recyclable.

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